3 marketing tactics used by experts

3 marketing tactics used by experts

3 marketing tactics used by experts

You do everything and work hard for succeeding, for instance, using AmazeRepricer. However, apart from it, there are many more aspects which need to keep in mind when you want to sell online such as marketing your product online using various online channels. If you are very new to this online thing and feeling very stuck while formulating new strategies, here we have shared 3 high-level tactics which you need to follow without any second thought.

Email segmentation:

Email segmentation is the process of dividing your entire email contact list according to categories formed by you. For instance, you can separate subscribers who are interested in purchasing clothing items and subscribers who are interested in purchasing technology-based items.

However, if you are selling items in double digits, it is advisable to target your email segmentation. With this, we mean targeting a demographic buyer with other with other products as it will help in capitalising their underlying interests. For your better understanding, targeting an already existing customer with similar kind of products is what you need to do.

Using Google and Bing shopping to your advantage:

If you have not already started using Google and Bing shopping for attracting and retaining already existing buyers then you should start using them. Using Google and bing involves understanding how the algorithm functions differently from Amazon and making use of it.

For better Google optimisation you should search the below-mentioned areas properly:

– Title

– Description

– Category

– Reviews

– Price

– Pictures

– Videos

– Audio

– Flash

While Google is a text-based search engine, Bing is solely based on visual searches.

Creating spokespeople out of existing  buyers

If you have watched the movie Pay it forward, you must have noticed that Trevor’s school project included the idea of helping three new people when someone helps you instead of helping the one who helped you. This idea helps in spreading goodwill where people take help from one another and run with it.

Likewise,  you can also do the similar thing by providing extra discounts to people who have already purchased anything from your eCommerce website when they share their purchase on social media platforms. This is a great marketing idea and will also lead  increase in customers. This tactics works as people are most likely to believe what their friends and family have to say about a product rather than reading reviews on the internet. Undoubtedly, it is true that you will gain no profit from the buyers whose social media networks are not very strong but you can surely increase the profit earned from the buyers who are very active on the social media accounts.

Also, this is one of the most effective and cheapest marketing actors that one can employee to grow their business on the Internet overnight.

Now that you are having the knowledge about the marketing techniques applied by experts,  there is no where you can ignore importance of using them. It is now time for you to put a cup of hot coffee and use all this amazing tactics to grow your business to a whole new level. Also why you are busy using these tactics,  sign up with AmazeRepricer so that we can take care of the fiddley which will allow you to spend more time in developing your business. And as a bonus when you sign up you will also get a 15 days trial for free.

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