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Repricer to increase your sales

Top Forums For Amazon Sellers

As we know Forums are discussion boards. As forums works on you help others and get help from other basis they great source of information and increase knowledge base. Today I have List of Top Forums Amazon Sellers can use to boost their knowledge. 1. Amazon Seller Central Amazon Seller Central lets you discuss selling on Amazon and other amazon services with other sellers. Seller Central forum threads includes help for new sellers, General seller questions, Selling Trends and Sellers Feedbacks. Also [...]

Managing Product Pricees

Managing Product Prices and Observing Repriced Values

In last article we studied about setting rules and conditions and this is enough to run repricer but while setting default rule if you have checked "Minimum & Maximum Prices per individual product" option then no Amazon Products will be repriced until you set product prices per product from products page. Lets check how to do that. (more…)

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