6 Common Misconceptions Sellers Have Regarding Amazon Automated Repricer

Amazon Automated Repricing

6 Common Misconceptions Sellers Have Regarding Amazon Automated Repricer

Getting access to Amazon coveted Buy Box is a very difficult task and it is becoming tough because of the rapid growth of third-party sellers. With the increased competition, managing Amazon sales manually is tough. Repricing tools help in managing the sales perfectly and is a must-have for all  Amazon Sellers.

However, most sellers who are considering moving to automated repricing from manual repricing method are pushed away by myths people have regarding automated repricer. Let’s discuss some of the common Amazon repricer misconceptions and understand if they are true.

  • Repricers makes your product race to the bottom

The most popular Amazon repricer misconception is that it starts a race to the bottom in order to increase your sales. However, this statement is partially true since making your way to the coveted Buy Box is the ultimate goal. But it is also very important to understand that smart repricing tools also help in excluding competition that does not fit into your current target.

Also, some advanced tools raise the price of your products once your competitors sell out which results in maximizing your profit.

  •  Takes the full control of pricing

Letting an automated software control your Amazon business can afraid you some times. 

However, in reality, repricers work on certain parameters decided by the user, which means human intervention is needed, especially during the initial stages. Repricer software provides analytical data that you can use to get a clear view of your business. 

  • Amazon Repricer is only useful for big sellers having thousands of listings

It is very much possible to check all your 20-50 active SKUs every day manually and update their prices. But even with few listing manually updating their prices will result in wastage of time that you can use for some other purpose. No matter how dedicated you are towards your business, monitoring your listings 24×7 is not possible. An Amazon repricing software helps in making the process much easier by monitoring your listings 24×7.

Additionally, it also helps in eliminating any human error that might happen. 

  • Sellers lose their profit

Being an Amazon seller is tricky and it is hard to identify profits if you are not making enough sales. The fact that you are using a repricer software does not affect your profit, the only way to identify if you are making a profit is by considering your expenses are revenue. This process can be performed manually as well, however, letting the software perform the task will eliminate any human mistakes that might happen. 

Some advanced tools offer smart profit calculations which include purchasing cost, Amazon fees, shipping charges and minimum selling price to prevent any kinds of loss.  

  • A repricer’s efficiency is limited by Amazon API

This part is a bit technical. One of the common misconceptions that people have is that Amazon’s API limits the repricing frequency which makes fast repricing impossible for sellers. 

Any information regarding the pricing competition is only sent to the system if there are any changes in the ranking. Only when the repricer receives the report, it decides whether to keep the existing price or change it depending on the repricing rule. This also means that it is important to continue the repricing process always.

  • Repricer software is too expensive

We all are aware of the fact that the scale for each business is different and it is very difficult to identify the price below which the purchase of a repricer software can be classified as cheap. However, repricer software can be of great use for small scale sellers as well and when the tool is used properly, it also helps in generating huge amounts of profit. 

It is very important to find the right repricing tool for your Amazon Business. Using a repricer tool is a fundamental need if you are running a business on Amazon. Having a repricer tool helps in maximising the profit while saving a lot of time.

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