Best ways for optimization of Amazon Product Data

Optimize your amazon product Data

Best ways for optimization of Amazon Product Data

Okay considering your Amazon Product Data or Inventory tell me what is the very first thing that comes to your mind when you are searching for any product in particular? If I am not very mistaken, the majority of the people search it in online shopping apps this day. Google has been our saviour since long but Amazon is

leading the market these days. Amazon has a great variety and collection of products that please the eyes of the consumers at the very first look also Amazon has always been very reasonable with their prices.

But the problem here is the huge amount of products and competition among the merchants. It becomes very tough to rank Amazon and show in the search results. Nonetheless, smart businesses owners can raise very high if the understand Amazon’s basic SEO skills. You can go ahead and follow these tips to get a better Amazon performance and also you can optimize the product data.

Now, let’s compare Amazon with Google’s SEO

Optimize your amazon product Data

Optimize your amazon product Data

Amazon vs. Google’s SEO

Amazon also has its very own algorithm that gives the platform to interact with the users and learn the customer wants and views. The very first thing you need to keep in mind is that Amazon differs a lot from Google in the terms of ranking. Amazon measures its success on the basis of conversions and not on the basis of engagement. Amazon does not take off-site elements into consideration like Google. It is just bothered with the on-site elements; hence it won’t matter to them if you mention Amazon links in different off-site websites. The final conversion that your listing produces is only taken into account by Amazon

Optimization of Product Data For Better Performance.

Parent-child options

You can use a parent option instead of using the multiple listings. There are many benefits of this parent-child organization. One of which is a reduction in users browsing time because any product variation will be then available to the user. Like different colors in a single listing. The chance to create a stronger listing is another benefit. Hence all the reviews would get gathered in a single place thus being much more convincing for the users.

Optimizing the product title

There are a few reasons for which optimized title is useful. When a user types the keywords it allows them to find their product easily. It also motivates the users to click on the ads on a good copy. There are certain attributes that are to be included in the titles as recommended by Amazon. Like description and brand, product line, color, size, material or key ingredients, quantity. The right keywords are to be found and are to be placed according to the prime concern. It is very important as words could be cut off while using smaller gadgets. People who are browsing through mobile phones won’t be able to see it if you put the keywords at the end of the title. Thus resulting in a reduction of your click-through rate.  You can use Amazon- specific tools to brainstorm the keywords like you use google keyword planner to find keywords.


Now that you have already had the user to click on your particular product. You need to convince him/her that your product is much better in comparison to your competitor’s.  This is the time to include few more features, keywords and benefits to enhance the chances of a sale. Convince people about why is your product better than that of others. Try and give them ideas of how can your product be beneficial to their lives. Also provide them with complementary products, fabric materials.

Search Terms

Search terms are the terms that give Amazon an idea of which keywords would help making your product listing more prompt. You would want to insert as many relevant keywords as is possible but do so intentionally. The fist can do some research on what are the keywords that buyers mostly use to find the product that is same as yours. You can also go for online tools like the keyword tool that would help you get your work done. Once you are done building your keyword list, you can use variations like misspellings. You don’t need to make it look attractive, it just has to be well planned and executed.

Bonus Optimization

Putting up good looking product images will help you in increasing sale and would double it up and follow Amazon’s image requirements. They have a lot many requirements but the most important ones among them are that they require a white background, and the images should be of good quality.  You must look for externalizing the photo editing task as it would be more cost-effective than doing it on your own.

Also, make sure and fill all the filter fields so that your products could be shown for filters that of size, color and other attributes.


Reviews hold a lot of power. They and make or break your Amazon customer base. You must build good reviews by asking buyer’s for their feedbacks and also keeping up with your words by delivering the products on time.

The competition increases every day but you need to hold your place in the market and know what is best for your business.  Every business has a different way of handling, what may not work for yours might work for someone else’s. At the end of the day, all that matters are your customers satisfied and happy? If the answer is yes every day you are going great. Deliver good quality products on the promised time and take up your brand name higher.

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