Repricer Sandbox Mode and Dashboard

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Repricer Sandbox Mode and Dashboard

Hello Again, In previous article we checked how to set up minimum and maximum pricing for individual product, In this article we will see what  is Repricer Sandbox Mode and what is significance of that also we will see other dashboard elements.

Repricer Sandbox Mode

Repricer Sandbox Mode

In simple words Sandbox mode is a Test Mode It is recommended that once you make major changes in products or rules and conditions and you want to see how repricer is changing prices with new rules without changing prices on marketplace you can enable sandbox mode from settings.

In sandbox mode repricer will be fully functional but Repricer will not update prices on Amazon. You can say this is just a dry run.
Once you verify and confirm repricer is repricing products as you want then you can click on Profile from side menu and then on Settings menu and you can click on “Start Updating Prices on Marketplace” once you click the button will turn “Green” and repricer will start updating your prices on Amazon.

Dashboard Elements:

repricing activity and integrated channels

repricing activity and integrated channels

The Repriced Products Graph automatically plots the number of repriced products per month. It calculates number of times the repricer updated products on marketplace per month.

My Channels

In previous articles we checked how to integrate channels the “My Channels” will show the number of channels you added in your account. Once you add channel it will have following states.

Waiting State : A waiting state indicates our repricer server is communicating with Amazon Servers to check if you are selling in added marketplace.

Integration Successful State: This state indicates that repricer server successfully communicated with Amazon Server and Amazon Server started sending your inventory and pricing details to AmazeRepricer.

Integration Failed State: This state indicates that Amazon Server Failed to Recognise you as a seller from respective marketplace. i.e You are not a seller in added marketplace. If you have any integration problems you can contact our customer support to get any additional help.

There are many more analytical stats on dashboard which will show you live stats for price changes, Last updated listing dates and last repriced date.

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