Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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No AmazeRepricer do not work with easyship you have to set minimum and maximum prices in a such way that it balances your easy ship shipping prices.

No you cannot. It’s same as you cannot use multiple anti virus softwares on single operating system. Its because they conflict with each other.

AmazeRepricer works with all currencies whichever are applicable for your marketplace. Regarding Billing portal presently AmazeRepricer accepts USD (US Dollars) & INR (Indian Rupees). But for long term contracts we may accept the currency you prefer. Please contact our support to know more.

Repricer is a smart decision maker software which finds your competitive products (competing prices, conditions, & seller ratings etc) and sets your pricing as accurate as possible so that your Amazon sales are increased. The pricing are set based on Rules and Conditions you added in repricer configuration.

Yes, our service reprices your items based on landing price (listing price + shipping).

The average rate of repricing with AmazeRepricer is 500 items per minute or you can say 30,000 items per hour.

We have maximum limit of 100,000 items for ‘Platinum’ level subscriptions. If you have more than 100,000 items in your inventory, then AmazeRepricer will only be able to reprice the first 100,000 items in your inventory.

Yes. AmazeRepricer works with both FBA and non-FBA inventory.