Repricing Schedule How to Manage your repricing activity efficiently.


Repricing Schedule How to Manage your repricing activity efficiently.

Repricing Schedule, This time I am with most discussed and most requested update in our software.

Using repricer scheduler is very easy. Lets see the steps for setting up the repricing scheduler.

Step 1: Click on the clock icon present next to your product listings (Inventory).
Step 2: This will open a light-box with the settings and shown above.
Step 3: Select the Day and From right hand column select the time range to run repricer. and Click on submit.

repricing schedule

repricing schedule

Thats all, Take a note of following things when you configure repricer scheduler.

  1. Default settings is “All Day”, It means repricer will run constantly throughout the day.
  2. Once you click on Reset button the repricer will reset to default i.e “All Day” for particular SKU.
  3. If you click on hand icon then repricer will stop for the day.
  4. You can stop repricer for particular SKU with the On-Off switch from “My Products” page.
  5. if you turned off repricer from “My Products” Page then the scheduler settings will be ignored.

Please feel free to comment and discuss if you still need any further assistance with repricer settings.

Have a Amazing Repricing Experience.

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