Frequently Asked Questions

We automatically update your inventory every 6 hours. In trial we do not update this often its usually a 24 hours.

We charge by the total number of SKUs/Products or listings you are selling on Amazon. We keep updating your product records in our system which we call “Mapping of Listings” until your subscription limit is met. Please upgrade plans to ensure all of your listings are downloaded.

Amazon do no differentiate between Active and Inactive listings when they send us data. So we treat all listings equally and when you make listing active on amazon again it works exactly same as active listings,

No, please do not include shipping when calculating Min and Max price. Repricer adds your shipping to all of your repricer inventories.

SKU stands for Stock Keeping unit; it’s a product or service identification code.

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. Every product of Amazon site has its own ASIN, a unique code we use to identify the product.

Yes, you can reprice using our Amazon repricer on all of the available Amazon Marketplaces.
The Amazon marketplace is very competitive and a repricer that allows you to carry out Amazon repricing is essential if you are serious about building sales and building a profitable business. The scope to sell profitably and competitively is easily possible across worldwide and it will give you the real chance of building a much bigger business.

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